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Save! Yosemite National Park 4-Panel Folio Set

Official United States $2 Bills Honoring America's National Parks Are Sweeping the Nation...
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Save! $2 Bills Honoring America's National Parks
Yosemite Deluxe 4-panel Folio Set $2 bill & additional Parks cards

OFFICIAL RELEASE - Americans from all over the country are rushing to obtain the new “America the Beautiful” Genuine Yosemite National Park 2 Dollar bills, while they last.
America's $2 Bill, The Forgotten Bill
The coveted U.S. Government $2 bill is rarely seen in circulation and only banks and currency dealers may obtain special uncirculated bills directly from the Federal Reserve Bank. Now for the first time ever New England Mint's enhanced uncirculated full color two dollar bills are available exclusively from this limited time offer. Two dollar bills are among the most beautiful of all U.S. circulating currency and now the rarely circulated $2 bill is even rarer with exclusive overlay of America's National Parks.

Yosemite National Park—The Most Visited National Park in America!
Yosemite - is honored in glorious color on the very first ever National Parks $2 bill. This National Park is located in California and established in 1890. It covers an area of 761,266 across and reaches across the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain chain. It is the most visited National Park in the United States, with over 3.8 million people each year. Yosemite is internationally recognized for its spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, Giant Sequoia groves and biological diversity. The front of the bill captures the grandeur of this national treasure and the official seals of the Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury attest to each bill's legal tender status. The reverse of the bill captures one of the most important events in American History - the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Individually Numbered Limited Edition
Each Yosemite two dollar bill is individually numbered and is enhanced and available only through this strictly limited edition offer from one of America's foremost private mints. To properly protect its future value, each $2 bill comes with a parchment Certificate of Authenticity and original information about the national park in a handsome 4 page museum quality folio—a $30 value created exclusively for this historic edition.

Customized Folio with History
This set comes in its very own folio which allows safe preservation of the coins and bill. This folio can conveniently fit into a binder to keep track and of this preserved collection. Each folio holds a historical account of the Hot Springs National Park with facts and images to enhance your knowledge of one of America's National treasures.

$2 Bills Come with Certificate of Authenticity
Customized Deluxe Folio with History
Two Uncirculated U.S Quarters

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