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Closeout Sale! 5 Sequentially Marked 9-11 Gilt Trim $2 Bills

Commemorating the Anniversary of the Historic Events of September 11th
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5 Sequentially Marked 9-11 Anniversary $2 Bills
with Gilt Trim commemorating the Anniversary of the Historic Events of September 11th

Commemorating the Anniversary of the historic events of September 11th, 2001, we are offering this Special Edition set of sequentially Marked $2 bills for your collection.

As part of this special collector's edition, you will have the opportunity to commemorate history with a $2 bill signifying a day that will be remembered forever throughout our nation's history. This is a rare opportunity to collect a rare piece of currency that can be passed through generations to retain the motto ''Never Forget''. Order your 9-11 10th Anniversary $2 Bill today while supplies last.

• Rare and Uncirculated Currency
• Fully-Detailed $2 Bills
• Certificate of Authenticity

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