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Star Trek TNG Complete Set

Star Trek TNG Complete Set
List Price:   $ 400
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You Save:  $ 150.00 (38%)

Star Trek The Next Generation Cast Coin complete set

Get all 15 TNG cast coins and save over $100 compared to Club price!

We're offering our complete collection of Star Trek TNG Cast Coins delivered in a single shipment at a cost of only $250 plus $19.95 shipping and handling ! With this collection, you'll get the Picard and Riker coins, Beverly coin, Deanna coin, Data coin, Worf coin, Pulaski coin, Geordi coin, Wesley coin, Tasha coin, Lwaxana coin, Guinan coin, Barclay coin, Miles coin, and the Enterprise-D Ship coin!

• A handsome 15-coin display case ($50 value) FREE with your shipment
• Coins are encased in protective Acrylic plastic
• Genuine U.S. Half Dollar coin is 100% Legal Tender
• Certificate of Authenticity verifies the collectible status

Get all 15 of the cast coins in a single shipment with this money-saving offer!

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